Society for Caribbean Linguistics Conference

I presented the paper “Looser than Lucy”: Destra Garcia’s Representation of Female Autonomy in Lucy at the Society for Caribbean Linguistics conference on August 3, 2016 at the University of the West Indies Mona.

Here’s the abstract:

In 2014, soca artiste, Destra Garcia released the song Lucy for the 2015 Trinidad Carnival season.  The composition identifies a female character, Lucy, whose behavior during the carnival is described as “loose” and “slack” because it contradicts her everyday life.   Destra’s lyrics signify the conflicts that women experience in the carnival space and beyond. The discourse put forward by the female soca artistes represents how women express their power and agency in the festival music space. In this sense, the Carnival, in spite of its imperative to sustain the status quo, also creates a space that allows female soca artistes like Destra to challenge gender and sexual norms in their lyrics. The paper examines the lyrics of Lucy and posits that the language through the utilization of double entendre promotes female autonomy even within the hegemonic restrictions of the carnival.


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