UTECH’s Research, Technology, and Innovation Day 2016

Currently I am researching the representation of female masqueraders (in the Jamaica Carnival) on Facebook. The research uses quantitative and qualitative methods to examine the physical features that photographers pay attention to and do not pay attention to. Through the process of deciding the subject of the photo, framing, editing, and selection, they are positioned to dictate how female masqueraders are presented on their Facebook pages. In this sense, they construct a norm of what female masqueraders in the Jamaica Carnival look like, which does not necessarily represent all Jamaican women.

So far, I have presented some of the initial findings of the content analysis at the Edna Manley Rex Nettleford Arts conference last October. For UTECH’s Research day, I decided to do a poster that summarized these findings. Because the poster is only a summary, it helps the researcher to simplify the ideas which is significant for knowledge dissemination. At the end of the day, your research should be easily understood by anyone.
Kai B Research Poster pdf


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