This blog documents my academic journey as I seek to build the scholarship on Carnival and soca music. Enjoy!


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  1. In response to your copy/paste Carnival article.
    In order for Carnival to be “seen as a serious and viable cultural industry” it should be recognized and respected by its own government as such. This would, in your words, “legitimize” it as something of value for the people and more efforts might then be made to preserve it. I wrote an letter to the newspaper a while ago stating that aspects of the culture of Carnival should be part of our education curriculum so that it becomes well known by all Trinidadians from a young age and interwoven as part of our lives and therefore culture. But Government shows little value for the Arts – the genre to which it relegates Carnival. When something is not valued, there is little investment (neither of time nor finances) and it does not develop nor progress much except for the few who do it for love. And for this “industry” to be developed properly it needs big investment and more than a handful of people who will look at the big picture and have a collective agenda for the betterment of the art and culture.

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